Depression & Intersectionality

Self-help Safe Space

Depression comes in many forms.

Chronic unitary depression, recurring phases of depression, depression caused or compounded by other mental illnesses, depression caused by severe life-altering events, the list goes on.

We’re here because we understand how you feel.

We’ve also understood that learning about our own experience, and the experiences of others, builds connections both between humans and between neurons in our brains. Meeting, speaking, listening, and sharing are a healthy, often fun, sometimes, difficult, usually rewarding way to cope. 

Life is hard

DISHES Depression & Intersectionality Self-help Safe Space

2nd and 4th Thursday each month 7 pm – 9 pm: beginning 25 May 2023 

If this is new for you, or you are in a particularly bad place, this will be a big step for you that seems difficult to take. You’re doing so much work already, just by having found and reading this text. We aim to make entry into our group as accessible as possible for everyone. Many self-help groups in Berlin use German as their main language. We specifically do not, under the assumption that many English-speaking people in Berlin also need and want help. And help exists, be assured.

In addition to speaking English, we intend to do our absolute best to accommodate people who experience discrimination, including intersectional discrimination. We are feminist, anti-racist, anti-ableist, and queer. We do not tolerate rejecting stances towards social justice. BIPoC, QTBIPoC (Queer*Trans; Black/Indigenous/People of Color), disabled, neurodivergent, and queer people are expressly welcome in our group and we ask everyone not affected by an axis of oppression to speak less, and listen more.

You will have space here, to speak as little, and as much as you are comfortable and need. Usually, we start with introductions, if there are new people present, and a brief insight into your current emotional state. If you wish, you are free to share something that’s on your mind, that you would like more input on. We understand that introductions and speaking in groups does not come easy to everyone, especially to people who face discrimination or suffer from depression. You’re welcome to keep it as short as you like. It’s absolutely valid to just state a name you like to be addressed with, your pronouns, and a single word to describe your mood. Additions are welcome, never expected or required.

DISHES Depression & Intersectionality

Self-help safe space




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